Michael Maxwell is the Jack Of All Nerds (in that he knows a little bit about many nerdy topics, but is a master of none).  He is an internationally published playwright, full-time nerd, and part-time thespian.  He has always dreamed of being a radio personality since the days he used to record fake radio shows over his mom's favorite cassette tapes.  He currently hosts the Jack Of All Nerds Show, A Brief History of the Past, A Briefer History of the Past, Cineblokes, The Midnight Society, Batman the Animated Recap, Mike's Little Look-Backs, and The Rookery.  Questions, comments, cries of outrage regarding one of our shows?  Message this guy at: michael@jackofallnerdsshow.com


Derrick Murray is a comedian, radio host, nerd, writer, DVD Collector, Batman Enthusiast, Words With Friends master, Star Wars Mobile Game Guild Leader, avid Chopped binge watcher, Target shopoholic, Starbucks snob, and social media addict who can be seen performing stand up comedy all over.  Derrick currently hosts the Jack Of All Nerds Show, Cineblokes, and The Rookery.  Follow Derrick @Drokcomedy on Twitter.

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