Check out these sweet sites of some of our friends and supporters.

4 Color Fantasies: Comic book, collectible, and game store.

Etiwanda Roadhouse: A classy establishment with live entertainment, food and drinks.

The Dinner Detective: America's largest interactive murder mystery dinner show!

Nerds Like Us: Nerd themed midnight movie screenings and cosplay events.

Superenthusiast Radio: An awesome show that features pop culture talk for a post-geek world. 

Nerdbot: An entertainment website for nerds.

Been Better Comic: A semi-autobiographical web comic by the artist of our Dark Crusader comic strip, Jimmy Purcell.

Nerd Out App: An app for nerds looking for cool nerdy events near them!

Songhammer: Cosplay action band!

The Flux Capacitors: Cosplay 80's cover band!

JoJo's So Creative: DIY and cosplay blog.

Vocademy: A makerspace where creators come together.

Mile High Comics: The world's largest online mail order comic book store!

All Cool Things: A hub with cool collectibles & cosplay accessories for sale and much more!

Warmachine Tactics: A tactical strategy computer game based on the table-top game, Warmachine.