Michael Maxwell is the Jack Of All Nerds (in that he knows a little bit about many nerdy topics, but is a master of none).  He is an internationally published playwright, full-time nerd, and part-time thespian.  He has always dreamed of being a radio personality since the days he used to record fake radio shows over his mom's favorite cassette tapes.  He currently hosts the Jack Of All Nerds Show, A Brief History of the Past, A Briefer History of the Past, Cineblokes, Cineblokes Classic, How to Survive an Action Movie, Cinema Saga, and The Midnight Society.  Questions, comments, cries of outrage regarding one of our shows?  Message this guy at: michael@jackofallnerdsshow.com


​Matt Avila is a stand up comedian who grew up in front of the television.  An old boxy one without a remote.  How do you think he got so tall?  Radiation…  Often being left to his own devices, he found joy watching movie after movie as a young child and that has stayed with him into his adult life.  One summer, Matt watched 3 movies a day.  Was he depressed?  Maybe!  He also partakes in viewing of the oldest “sport”, pro wrestling.  You can find him wearing a black t-shirt and jeans and usually cheering on Stone Cold Steve Austin for no reason.  Matt currently hosts Cinema Saga and Snubbed.  Follow him on Twitter: @matttavila

Want to know more about the Jack team?  No?  Oh...well this is awkward then.



Ron Swallow has been a nerd since he could read and funny since he could talk. That’s why he is a comedian and a professional nerd. He’s a regular at The Hollywood Improv, and has performed nerd specific comedy at comic book conventions all around the country including C2E2, Emerald City, Anime X, and the big kahuna San Diego ComicCon. He is also the cohost of the Nerd Goat Podcast, a show where they explore an interesting person's greatest of all time, fictional character.  You can follow him on Instagram @ronswallow or Twitter @dorkyswallow or his beautiful name on Facebook.  Ron currently engineers and contributes to the Jack Of All Nerds Show.


He's appeared on The Talk with Sharon Osbourne on CBS, on the big screen in Man of Steel, and in sold out comedy clubs from coast to coast.  But none of that matters because you haven't seen him in any of these things!  Fortunately you can now hear him with the Jack of All Nerds!  Follow Sam @samridleycomedy on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook to see what he's been up to when he's not on the show!


Derrick Murray is a comedian, radio host, nerd, writer, DVD Collector, Batman Enthusiast, Words With Friends master, Star Wars Mobile Game Guild Leader, avid Chopped binge watcher, Target shopoholic, Starbucks snob, and social media addict who can be seen performing stand up comedy all over.  Derrick currently hosts the Jack Of All Nerds Show, Cineblokes, Cineblokes Classic, How to Survive an Action Movie, Snubbed, and Cinema Saga.  Follow Derrick @Drokcomedy on Twitter.